lundi 13 avril 2009

Forgetting high heels

Mid-april. Today was a long day. It lasted for 96 hours, actually. Did I go out? A few times, but actually, everything took place inside. I was all over the place. I certainly went shopping at the market on friday morning, then i had dinner at home with a friend ; on saturday, I remember that I had a little walk and at night, i even went out to a nightclub; on sunday, i saw a movie and went to a birthday party; on monday, I only bought some bread. 

No matter it seems i was out all the time, i swear that I was inside my mental home. It was so pleasant, so easy, that I took out of my brain lots of positive thoughts and I let them fly around me in the living room. May be this is called super concentration. I built a very personal schedule of my priorities. I felt that almost every person I talked to in between this flexible moment became part of a more global reflexion. I also met 2 photographers. It all started with an awesome dream friday night, about desire & photography. I put myself in such a mood that i was able to pursue it wide awake or asleep. Lots of connections appeared and spirit + body were in harmony. It has been about thinking photo, watching photo, editing old and new photos, negatives, diapositives, colour or B&W, discovering photo and finally taking photo at home... The whole 96 hours session included some exercices : relaunching the body gently for my back. 

Making my own body language. 
By the way, I really love wearing high heels, but the medical corpse firmly declared it is not recommanded to me now. So I have to say good bye to them but i really find them so pretty like on those unkown girl...

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Alberto a dit…

Heels are not needed on the sand of the beaches of the Mediterranean. By the way, voici la chanson dont je vous parlé autour du couscous:

"Mediterráneo", de Joan Manuel Serrat