dimanche 22 novembre 2009


We are on the same boat because we are dreamers.

Away, out, far, deep, wild, strange, unstable, uncertain, unreal, fancyful - Gliding and twinkling bright words in our eyes.

No more sinking Titanic and no more reaching Ellis Island.

It is about somewhere else you can be yourself together with everyone.

Welcome aboard:

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mardi 10 novembre 2009

Shouting out Babooshka!!!

What a blast!

Wink for the happy few: I was there in Coney Island singing à tue-tête 'Babooshka' of Kate bush like during my starlighting night in the suburb of Romainville.
Playfully shouting out 'Babooshkas' - well there are plenty of them in this fabulous place.

Back to Russia for a while out of the time, walking, eating, drinking kvas in Brighton Beach... Or just be there, like in a film of James Gray, watching the flying sand dashing to the ocean with a magnetic person.

I will come back to Coney Island and to Russia. The great wheel still does wonders.