jeudi 10 novembre 2011

I like roads

I like roads. Walking on the earth. So much that i forget sometimes to look in front of me far away or up towards the sky. That is true. Also I enjoy my ways. Often I take the same road over and over again, because I enjoy enjoying the same places. So during one full year, i walked back and forth along the same boulevard, near my home, not looking at anyone, focusing my camera towards the street and its evidences. I don't know whether it is a story of seasons - Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall or an idea of enlarging details of the street to an abstract level or a research on forms and colors, matter and volume.

I only know that i am passionate about capturing these frames. Because it makes me feel connected to the city and its poetry. I think of Apollinaire. I want to put up the series of pictures with the 3 others seasons. It says something of our contemporary world as well as my inner feeling (may be). Soon.

This is Fall in the streets of  Paris. Back and forth.

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