lundi 28 février 2011

Point of view on a landscape

February, in France. 

Somewhere, a meaningful landscape worked out for milleniums. The land of the Burgundy wines. Here they are, the rooves of Pommard, the stones of Clos de Vougeot, the ashes of Vosne Romanée, the side road to Gevrey-Chambertin. 
What can be a point of view on the landscape of a such worthyness? 

To me, the slack season like the end of winter showed the geometric influence of man combined with the matter of the landscape. No leaves, no fruit, no scent but the colors of the earth, the line of the road and the matter of the soil. Known as poor and filled with pebbles, it keeps up the dark wine stock. The nature stands naked, offering the rotten and the new, the roots emerging from the depth as well as the dry burnt out branches of the "vieilles vignes"... An intense in between, the beauty of the last winter sleep, just before dawn.

Speaking of "Point of view"*, it was the terms chosen by Nicephore Niepce (1865-1833), inventor of photography, to define the first photographic object ever made, using the light to capture the forms and create an image. His object was a landscape, seen out of the window from his bedroom where he made his experiments for hours. What would he think of these not yet tangible landscapes, made for our eyes only or so? Do they belong to photography?

*Point de vue

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