mercredi 22 septembre 2010

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Nat and his scrapbook, edition 1/1
Nat's jungle, London

The leaves
Nat's hand

Some of the Nat Foreman Editions and the lanp
Upside down lamp in Nat's Garden

In London, there is Nat's home. He has been living in his house forever - and this is not a vain word.  Once inside, one is not anywhere else anymore. This is like a universe of its own. The garden has become a jungle and a spiders' shelter. The grass is generously green, the bark of the trees is growing funny and natural installations found a space here and there. Nat seems to live in the leaves of the trees and of his books. He is the soul of this very oxymoric territory : flegmatic wilderness.

A book maker, a craftman, a petsound drawer, an expert of the content tables, a print and digital collage  master... he finds and collects cultural traces of an evolving life without losing a sparkle of time and composes with this material, the  unique editions of his artist books. 'Upside down' or 'reverse' are not good enough words to qualify Nat's art perpectives: 3Dness, even this of invisibility belongs to it. Anyway, Nat's got it -

Are you a fast fish or a loose fish?

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