lundi 26 octobre 2009

Little Red Riding Hood

How the Steampunk experience leads you to Little Red Riding hood?

It was a saturday afternoon and a heavy rain was drilling the atmosphere in Brooklyn. My shortsighted eyes started the tricky focus process on the sharp red thing.
On my way to go somewhere else, I was suddenly swallowed up by a crowd of very strange creatures. It was definitely not a carnival nor a circus nor a theater company.
It was Steampunck day inside the Brooklyn Indie Market.

Something was floating in the air and I was dazed and confuzed. It felt that I was in a Time Machine that would go back and forth: my nerve endings reacted immediately to the metallic and rusty signal - may be the rain contributed to the scene - due to all these delicate accessories made by these people. Some of them had brought back into a new life old clock mechanisms, watches, iron keys to create rings and necklaces, decorative silver sticks, victorian thick glasses, all sorts of weapons from small to big.

I was impressed by whom I was facing from top to bottom. Not only faces, they would show an ensemble of symbols, thoroughly composed by the use of diverse materials : feather, leather, lace, ribbons, fishnet, make up, vynil, wool, silk, muslin. Each one absolutely unique and contemporary. During the fashion defile, i was even more amazed by what I received : designers visited the human- animal fusion, the Science-fiction tendancy, the Far West genre, the Victorian elegance, the Aristocratic inventors looking style...

Dead pale skin, refined and lively hairstyle, sweet and harsh at the same time, there is definitely something about the past and the future in them. They are retro futuristic.

They are Steampunk - they are rock, craft, innovative, artistic, playful and have humour.
And this is how the 21st century Little Red Riding Hood of the Grimm Brothers materialized in a street of Brooklyn under the rain, last week-end.

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The designer of the dress on the pictures, Kristin Costa

The cyanotype maker, Peter Nappi

4 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

J'adore cette arrivée progressive sur le petit chaperon roue ! On dirait une vision à travers des larmes, en même temps c'est loufoque, c'est grimaçant, c'est parfait !
New York t'inspire...

fofolle a dit…

Celine, you captured this other worldly event so beautifully for everyone! I love your descriptions, observations and Little Red Riding Hood Tale, it was like the first time hearing it again!

NIMA MAJD a dit…

You and New York are a match made heaven!

Kristin Costa a dit…

I made this dress! The lovely model's name is Olivia Gagne.

Great shots!